Landing Page – A Life of Rejection

Hi, this is the landing page for my blog and I feel the need to explain the title. A life of rejection is meant to refer to my travails as an unpublished author. I originally joked that it could refer to my love life as well but in light of the rise in misogeny and the incel phenomena I want to make it very clear I have no truck, or any other kind of vehicle, with those people. Mad I may be but I’m not that mad.

That intention to write about writing went awry when I got side-tracked by politics. If you are a right-winger, Brexiteer, Trump or Boris supporter you won’t like me. You’ll brand me a lefty and compared to you I am. But I want to be rich. I want to make a shed load of money from my writing, appear on QI and Strictly before I’m too old to be anything but a joke contestant. So let’s just say that I will criticise corruption and incompetence of any party, anywhere especially if they are the ones in power and abusing the privilege. I’m not fond of isms of any kind but I dont have to be a socialist to think they have some ideas worth implementing. And I don’t want to have to join a political party and have to support crap I don’t agree with. In short my political views can be summarised as anti-fascist, egalitarian, tolerant of most things but not intolerance, anti-vested interests and the interference of business in government which I believe leads inevitably to fascism.

All that said the main point of this blog remains writing and my tortured relationship with it.
I’ll share useful writing resources and advice I find on a dedicated page here. I’d share notifications for opportunities and competitions but given my sporadic posting it’s probably not worth the bother on here.
I am on Twitter and anything time sensitive or ephemeral is far more likely to be shared there. Like my blog Twitter was intended to be about writing but got diverted too. At ime of writing we are a little over a month from the US election as Trumps seeks a second term and here in the UK our government persists in maintaining chaos and taking advantage to divert public funds to their pals.

I also intended this site to be a showcase. A recent epiphany means I’ll create a separate site for that. Link to follow.
My reasons are to make my samples site family friendly. Given my posting about politics I have been known to use the odd expletive and plenty that will probably be familiar to you.
Now all I have to do is try to battle through my headaches both literal and metaphorical to make both sites a viable reality.

Letter to my MP

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